Flammable Gas detection

Flammable gas detection is a critical aspect of safety in various industries where the presence of flammable gases can pose a significant fire or explosion risk. Flammable gas detectors are designed to detect and monitor the concentration of flammable gases in the air.


  • Melt Blown Cartridge Filters
  • String Wound Cartridge Filters
  • Pleated Cartridge Filters
  • Resin Bonded Cartridge Filters (gRBC)
  • Metallic Sintered Cartridge Filters
  • Clarycarb Activated Carbon Blocks
  • Washable Net Cartridge Filters
  • Radial Cartridges(UHMWPE)
  • Self Cleaning Filter
  • Sediment Filter Cartridges
  • Water Treatment cartridges
  • Caryflow Big Buddy


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